On October 18th, 1992 Cornerstone Friends Church was planted in Madison, Ohio by Willoughby Hills Friends Church in conjunction with the Evangelical Friends Church – Eastern Region. Our founding pastor Evan Nunnally was called to lead us through a period of rapid growth and the establishment of the faithful family of believers that is now Cornerstone. We began our journey as a church by renting space at DeRubertis Party Center and quickly outgrew it. Moving for a time to the Madison High School auditorium, we discerned the need for our own facility. Having purchased 20 acres on Hubbard Road the first of three construction projects set the tone for the facility within which we now worship, fellowship and do all kinds of things God puts on the heart of His church!
In the years we’ve been gathering, the people of this church community have been able to minister to the physical, social, emotional, financial and spiritual needs of thousands of others in western Ashtabula and eastern Lake counties. The elders of this congregation alongside Pastor Mark Winner, our current pastor, believe that God has called us to continue the work of Jesus Christ by drawing us all together as a family and setting out on many journeys to lead wanderers back home.


The Friends Church began more than three hundred years ago in England under the leadership of George Fox, a man who experienced a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and spent his life sharing this experience with others. Those early Friends made great contributions to the spiritual and social needs of their country, taking the lead in securing prison reforms, religious liberty, Christian education, and care for the suffering.
Before long the Friends (also called Quakers) began coming to the New World among many other colonists, and soon there were thousands of Friends in America. In 1681 the colony of Pennsylvania was founded by William Penn, a prominent English Quaker, as a refuge from persecution for fellow Quakers.
As other Americans moved west, so did the Friends, taking their faith with them. Among the first priorities for these pioneers was the establishment of a group for worship and a meeting house in which to conduct such worship. By 1812 Friends in Ohio had united to form Ohio Yearly Meeting of Friends. They held their annual meetings in the Mt. Pleasant Yearly Meeting House for many years. Later Damascus became the headquarters and place of meeting. Since 1965 the church has held its annual session in Canton.
In 1971 the name, Ohio Yearly Meeting, was changed. Now known as the Evangelical Friends Church – Eastern Region (EFC-ER), it participates actively in a larger group of Friends worldwide, Evangelical Friends International-North America (EFI-NA).