C-Groups are Cornerstone’s small group communities.

There are all kinds of different groups for people of all walks of life.  Some focus upon men’s and women’s issues, some help you walk through addiction, some are geared toward couples, others are open to anyone who wants to talk about God, and there’s even a couple book clubs!  Whatever you’re in to, chances are there’s a group for you.  Some groups meet every week, some every other week and some just once per month… so you’re bound to find a group that fits your schedule!
C-Group meetings typically include food, fellowship, prayer and some sort of Bible-based study.  Also, each group works together on some sort of project twice per year with the goal of being on the mission of Christ together.


If you’d like to get involved with a C-Group,
contact Pastor Liz Brainard:

(440)428-6868 x304